How You Can Be a Health Hero for the Holidays

December 23, 2020

Are you having trouble deciding what to buy for that certain someone? We’ll make it easy for you!
Give them the best gift of all: the GIFT of HEALTH. Help them to easily get thousands of phytonutrients and antioxidants into their body with Juice Plus+. It truly is “the gift that keeps on giving”.




Your kids are getting the toy or the electronics or the clothes they’ve asked for. What can you give them they wouldn’t ask for on their own but gives them something with long-term value at essentially a half off price?…
Participation in the Juice Plus+ Family Health Study program.


An adult who purchases Juice Plus+ and signs up to participate in the Family Health Study program can receive Juice Plus+ Fruit Blend and Vegetable Blend capsules or chewables for a child in their life – free of charge – for up to four years. You’ll be asked to complete a simple survey a few months after you start taking Juice Plus+, and follow up surveys will be sent annually to track your progress.


To enroll, you must be an adult over the age of 18, play an active role in a child’s life (as a relative, mentor or godparent), and purchase Juice Plus+ capsules or chewables for yourself. The child must be between the ages of 4 and 18, or a full-time undergraduate college student in a four-year degree program.


Participants in the program pay $50/month for as long as they wish to participate up through the maximum four years…two Juice Plus+ orders each month for the price of one.


Many of our Juice Plus+ clients are participants in this program. Over 1.5 million families have participated world-wide since the program began. Our Heightened Health goal this holiday season is to add 10 more families to the study before 1/31/21.
Click the link immediately below to self-enroll, or phone Donna at 949-463-0520 and she will phone enroll you.



FREE: Healthy Holidays Cookbook

Make your holidays a bit healthier this year with the recipes in our Healthy Holiday Cookbook.


Click the button below to download the cookbook. You will find tons of tasty ideas crafted by our talented Healthy Living Revolution team.






Chocolate Bark


You deserve a little chocolate, correct? Enjoy this easy-to-make recipe!






Pets Deserve Holiday Treats Too


Pets love pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and benefit just as much as people.


Here’s Ron with our menagerie joining him for a pre-holiday microcirculation session.


And here’s our friend’s dog, Nikko, lapping it up.



Veggie Humor