Begin 2021 with a Little Friluftsliv

January 24, 2021


This new year certainly warrants ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points… enough said.



Friluftsliv – a new type of fruit?



Not a new fruit, but a philosophy of life. Friluftsliv is a commitment to getting the most out of outdoor moments, rain or shine — whether it’s long camping trips through the mountains or leisurely strolls on the beach with friends. This Scandinavian feel-good philosophy, along with fika paus, gokotta, hygge and lagom may help explain why Nordic people are so happy.


Despite their harsh winters, the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland continue to top the World Happiness Report — which surveys 156 countries by asking their citizens how happy they are — for several years in a row.


Fruits & Vegetables are trying to kill you!


What? We’ve been promoting eating more fruits and vegetables for years! Keep reading…


Fruits and vegetables are indeed healthful but not necessarily because they shield you from oxidative stress. In fact, they may improve health for quite the opposite reason: They stress you… eating food from plants that have struggled to survive toughens us up as well.




Bemering into the New Year


What It Is…

Where It All Happens in the United States…



Breathe the New Year In

Invite the new year in with this simple breathing practice. If it works for the stressful situations the Navy Seals encounter, it’s good enough for me!

How Box Breathing works:
  • Breathe in for four seconds.
  • Hold air in your lungs for four seconds.
  • Exhale for four seconds.
  • Hold your breath, lungs emptied, for four seconds.