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July 27, 2020

Backpacking with Bemer

Has there ever been a year when what’s been ahead of us has been more unpredictable?

In the case of our own Heightened Health, we’ve sold a record amount of Juice Plus nutritional products since March. Seems people have been looking for that extra edge to maintain or improve their health in these times of challenge.

As for our Bemer microcirculation device, we’ve sold few, as potential purchasers need to see and experience to understand the power of the device, usually with live demonstrations and trial periods, and there has been limited opportunity for that in social distancing times.

The good news on the Bemer front is new product development has continued even as the virus has made sharing the technology difficult.

Check out the new portable Bemer Pro-Set Go below and mark your calendar for the day when you are out of self-isolation and able to live and explore again.



Backpacking with Bemer

Climb to the top of a mountain. Go to the beach. Sit in a park or in your backyard. Maintain good health anywhere, anytime with Bemer’s new portable microcirculation device, the Pro-Set Go, introduced just this month.

Get a 38-second tour of the Pro-Set Go by watching this mini-video.



Tofu Goes Mainstream

Humble tofu has finally received the recognition it deserves. In the past few months, we’ve heard about many changes to eating habits, some good, some not so good. One bright spot has been this dietary shift: more of us are eating plant-based foods on a regular basis. If that applies to you – bravo!

So now we come to that insistent question when making the switch to eating more plants: “What do I eat?… or better yet, what will my family eat?” If you’re willing to be adventuresome with your grilling this summer, try grilling tofu. The link below will take you to a great article written by a James Beard award-winning chef. Read it and you will be ready to impress your friends and family with some delicious new treats!

Tofu Recipes


America’s Pediatrician – Dr. Bill Sears


Always an interesting and informative speaker, Dr. Sears explains how bridging the gap in a child’s diet can lead to positive long-term effects and how to preload your immune system with fruits, veggies, & omega fatty acids. Invest in your health – watch this video today!


Tower Garden & Pets

Did you know that pets love Tower Garden produce? How smart they are! Produce grown on the Tower Garden is always available, highly nutritious, pesticide-free, safe, and clean.

So… by growing food in your Tower Garden, you’re not only improving the health of the humans in your family, you’re also helping to provide excellent nutrition to your pet family!




Life’s Blessings


June 25, 2020

To the Tower

Joy. How have you experienced the simple joys of life these past few months? A child’s laugh? The sweet smell of lilacs? Taking an unhurried walk? Whatever it is, when we take the time to really feel joy, we’re better people for it. And we’re also healthier people … this is a healthy newsletter, after all! Check out this article for more musings on joy.


To the Tower – A One Minute Tell-All

Tower Garden Basics

Are you considering growing a garden this year but are concerned that you’ve missed the prime planting season? This is yet another reason to grow a Tower Garden: anytime is a good time to start, especially when you’re growing inside, with lights!


Using Aeroponic Technology, the Tower Garden:
    • Increases yields by an average of 30%
    • Grows plants up to 3 times faster
    • Uses as little as 2% of the water


Get the facts here



Beans – Good for Us & for Our Planet

A silver lining to our current reality is that now more of us are cooking at home and are experimenting with different recipes. We discussed the health benefits of beans in a previous issue and this is your reminder to incorporate those beans into your mix of home-cooked meals!


Two indicators that we are doing more home cooking are: increased Google searches of recipes and sales data showing increased purchases of cooking items. Truly a silver lining, as research has shown that home cooking can lead to healthier overall lifestyles and is a good life skill to teach kids. Finally, the more plants we ingest, the less animal products we eat, which means our planet is also healthier.


Mitigate the Risk

Sound words from Dr. Tom Rifai:
The virus is real. Yet so is the fact that approximately 1.2 million Americans die every year of coronary artery disease and cancer combined, much of which we now know is preventable. In light of the strong overlap between the risk of this virus-associated morbidity/death susceptibility and lifestyle preventable diseases, let’s please not lose focus on our health-promoting behaviors. Take care to dose comfort foods and beverages carefully; cherish the power of whole fruits and vegetables; move as much as possible; dose screen time carefully and avoid letting it dig into your sleep time.


And take your Juice Plus+ daily! We’ve been “cherishing the power of whole fruits & veggies” for more than two decades!



Our Two Homes

May 21, 2020

Spending Less for Better Health

It’s been a challenging couple of months for most of us, some more than others. Minimally, the stresses of these times have caused some of us to have stay-at-home minor health issues. In our family’s case, it has been outbreaks of eczema…patches of scaly and inflamed skin especially pronounced on our necks and faces.


Our approach to good health is to investigate first the most holistic solutions, which don’t necessarily mean the most expensive. In today’s times, we seem to be inundated with ads for non-preferred brand-name drugs, including several for eczema. But there are often a much healthier and more cost-effective treatments.


The healthy and cost-effective alternative treatment we use for eczema is essential oils…distilled oils from trees and other plants. The treatment for eczema…8 drops each of lavender, juniper berry and tea tree oil mixed in a small roller-ball bottle of fractionated (odorless and colorless) coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil bundled with roller-ball bottles is available inexpensively on Amazon amzn.to/2TaasaK. And there are numerous brands of essential oils available easily and quickly through on-line outlets.


There are many uses for essential oils, so they rarely go to waste. As an example, we’ve thrown away our itch/athlete’s foot creams inasmuch as an application of tea tree oil pretty much does the trick on any of those irritations.
If you are interested and want our advice, email us at info@heightenedhealth.net. We are always available to share our healthy lifestyle.


“Seedling” Our Summer Crop


This was the week to “seedling” our Tower Garden for the summer. Expecting mint and herbs all summer and produce ripening beginning around the end of July/beginning of August through September.
We are so very lucky out here in California…alternating spring and fall seedling plantings. No good Tower Garden basket goes to waste.


“Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water”


Jay Martin, the founder & CEO of Juice Plus+, said it best in his recent note to the Juice Plus+ community:


Paul Simon wrote these lyrics to a beautiful song while looking out over the East River in New York City. There are troubled waters everywhere, but words and music can sometimes stem the worst of tides.


“When you’re weary and feeling small, when tears are in your eyes. I will dry them all, I’m on your side.”


Remember 8000 health professionals use and recommend Juice Plus+ in North America alone because the company committed to clinical research over twenty years ago, and they recently completed their 40th study.
Juice Plus+ does not make health claims. These 40 studies are available to the general public. The Juice Plus+ family is on your side.


Speaking of Water…

Now is a fine time to ramp up your hydration game. When you’re at home you can easily track how much H2O you’re ingesting and as you drink more, your bathroom is readily available! In all seriousness, here are some hydration facts to remind you why our bodies need to be well hydrated:
The human body is roughly 75% water. Without this water, it cannot survive.

Dehydration can lead to constipation, lethargy, depression, kidney stones and other health problems.

75% of Americans are DEHYDRATED! That’s a group you do not want to be a part of.




April 20, 2020

Coronavirus – Waterbottle Crisis

Your Garage Filling Up with Empty Costco Water Bottles?

Donna and Ron’s Journey to an Efficient Source of Healthy Water

Our journey to the healthiest household drinking water for the dollar:

  • Years of using the refrigerator filter (marginally healthy)
  • Years of an under-the-sink kitchen filter system (healthy to moderately healthy, depending on maintenance diligence)
  • Years of purchasing Costco and other bottled water (moderately healthy)
  • Years of taking the 45-minute drive to downtown Carlsbad CA and dispensing a couple of months worth of 5-gallon jugs of alkaline water from the community’s famous aquifer (very healthy) (Now sold in bottles at Costco, by the way)
  • Finally, purchasing a kitchen countertop water filter with 99.99% filtering capability, producing optimal PH alkaline water by just pouring in a pitcher of tap water into the upper reservoir of the unit every few days (very healthy)


Our countertop filtering device is the Nikken PiMag Waterfall shown on our kitchen counter in the above images.

We do not market this filtering device, but we highly recommend it. It is currently on sale through the end of April (sale price $269, regular price $336).

If you are interested, email us at info@heightenedhealth.net and we can help you get it at the sale price.

Did You Know?

Independent studies of Juice Plus+ capsules show that as part of a healthy diet, Juice Plus+ can help:

  • Support the function of our immune system
  • Increase antioxidant capacity and improve indicators of oxidative stress
  • Reduce the number of days related to common cold symptoms (and the number of days absent from work)



Immune System Health – Health Care Professionals Speak

Listen to a variety of Juice Plus+ Medical Health Care Professionals discuss the science within the research. Research studies include over 40 scientific peer-reviewed medical journal publications.

Get Your Gut Right, Pharmacists: Dr. Kacy Schloss, Pharm.D., Kelly Rompel, Pharm.D. and Clarissa Hall, Pharm.D.
Recipe for a Healthy Immune System, Dr. William Sears, “America’s Pediatrician”, Author of 40 books

More on Our Immune System

Recently our newsfeeds have been chock-full of ideas and information about how our actions, including what we eat, can help strengthen our immune system. Make sure to keep eating lots of produce!

For a fact-filled article on the proper way to store your produce, click here.

March 21, 2020

In the Event You Are Finding Yourself with a Little Free Time…

When we prepared our monthly newsletter for posting just a couple of short weeks ago, it was a different time and different circumstances from today.


We asked ourselves this morning if our scheduled posting would be appropriate in the shelter-at-home environment we currently find ourselves in.


Our answer to ourselves: edit our letter to focus on sharing just a few health tips to the benefit of all.


To your health if you are so inclined and you have the time to read.




Good News!

Nutrition Prescriptions

With $119B in retail revenue, Kroger Co. is the world’s largest supermarket chain, so the actions they take are closely watched by many. They are currently testing a unique concept: filling “nutrition prescriptions” for their customers.

Under the test, launched in Cincinnati last spring, a doctor makes dietary recommendations to diabetes patients and directs them to a nutrition expert at a Kroger supermarket. “We find that a lot of physicians give difficult-to-follow nutrition advice — along the lines of ‘You should improve your diet’ or ‘You should eat better.’ And that becomes very difficult for a patient to understand and implement. So a nutrition prescription is a strategic way to fill the gap between the physician’s guidance and the actual products that will yield health benefits,” says Kroger Health registered dietitian Bridget Wojciak, RDN/LD.


Read Article



Less Sugary Cereal

Did you know that Kellogg’s Raisin Bran was marketed as “the deliciously heart-healthy way to start your day” even though it contained 18 grams of added sugar per serving—which represents almost 40 percent of its calories?

As a result of a recent lawsuit, the company can no longer advertise certain products, where added sugars represent at least 10 percent of calories, as “healthy.” Nor can it promote them with phrases like “start with a healthy spoonful” or “invest in your health.”

Read Article


Avocados, the racy green fruit


There is a myriad of reasons to love avocados. Not only are they chock-full of good fats that keep your heart healthy and cut your cancer risk, but they taste heavenly.

The original name for this delectable and nutritious fruit (yes, fruit!) is a bit racy. Background: the avocado tree probably originated in south-central Mexico and is classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. The fruit of the plant, also called an avocado, is botanically a large berry containing a single large seed.

After reading the origin of their name, I guarantee you’ll never look at an avocado the same way again. Curious? read the article:

Read Article


February 20, 2020

It’s All About Heart

Happy Heart Health Month! This edition is all about ways we can care for our tickers. We hope it will encourage you to keep your heart in tip-top shape.



Read More

January 23, 2020

Rewire Your Brain This Year

Gratitude, a timeless practice

Did you know that practicing gratitude actually rewires your brain? Take a moment to read this article and you’ll learn that gratitude not only rewires our brains but it also contributes to better physical health. In addition, the article gives us three practical steps to take to become more grateful. Being grateful: what a profound way to start the new decade!

Read More


Say no to junk food: 6 strategies


Read this article for some excellent tips on ways you can take your power back and say NO! to junk food.
Don’t let yourself get too hungry
Don’t drink your calories
Find foods that don’t cause war
Address your stress
Get enough sleep
Give yourself a break

Read More

Rewiring the Brain with PEMF


Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF) increases the flow of blood throughout our bodies, including the brain, by as much as 30%.

Regular application of PEMF to the head area can lead to improved mental performance, most notably better concentration.

Witness increased blood flow at the capillary level through PEMF.

PEMF and Circulation


The Power of a Teacher


The Tower Garden inspires many people, especially our educators. Here is one STEM teacher’s story: four years ago she started her school garden/entrepreneur program. That program has now expanded to 21 Tower Gardens. Currently, they are growing one of the premier school gardens in the country and she has more ideas on ways to include Tower Gardens in her curriculum. Just imagine what your school can do with this technology!


More Inspiration Here

December 11, 2019

Tips for a Great Holiday Season

Are you interested in celebrating the upcoming holidays a bit more healthfully this season? Check out these Healthy Holiday tips and refer to them prior to heading out to your next party!


Unique Holiday Gifts



  Is there someone in your life who would appreciate the Gift of Health this year? We’ll be happy to help you select the perfect whole food gift for that special person – one that fits like a glove and will keep on giving for years to come!



A One-Time Life-Changing Holiday Gift


See in under two minutes what Bemer pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) is all about….and how it can work for you and be shared with family to improve your health and keep you healthy anywhere you go….for a lifetime.

Healthy Product? Or Clever Packaging?


‘Tis the season for pretty packages. But we don’t want those packages to deceive us. This article will educate you on the danger that may be lurking underneath all of that pretty food packaging. Food companies will use packaging to fool us into thinking an item is healthful. The article lists five ways products are packaged in a way that may deceive us if we’re not paying close attention.


Grow Gardens, Grow Men


A “feel good” story just in time for the holidays: the first commercial greenhouse Tower Garden farm run by foster care youth in America is up and working! In Huntington, W.V. a 1200 sq.ft. greenhouse will be staffed by the young men who live at Stepping Stones Boys Home. They’ll use the greenhouse to grow food for themselves and the tiny home village being built around it. Organizers say they hope as the vegetables grow, so will the young men’s confidence.


November 22, 2019

This Is an Electrifying Time

It’s been two years since the Bemer North American HQ opened in Carlsbad CA, ensuring pulsed electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy would be as available in the U.S. as it has been in Europe for over 20 years.

Bemer has been a leader in bioelectric therapy as an alternative or supplement to traditional medicine in a healthcare segment which is shining bright, as an article in Time Magazine this month suggests.




Introducing Tower Garden HOME

We’ve just made it easier than ever to grow greens in your home, office or school with Tower Garden HOME.

The Tower Garden HOME has a smaller footprint so you can grow a beautiful, bountiful garden in a variety of indoor locations. Included are LED lights; baby greens extensions; built-in wheels; water level monitor and much more.


The holidays will be here soon and a Tower Garden would be the perfect gift for someone special. Or perhaps you need to give yourself a spectacular gift this year?



Last month we featured four superstar athletes and this month we’d like to introduce you to one more: Jason Fowler, 6-time IRONMAN® champion. An accident left him paralyzed when he was 17yrs old. After that accident, he’s completed over 150 road races, 36 marathons, 37 triathlons, and 6 IRONMAN® championships. Jason talks about his fitness journey and how he prepares for his races on our recent JPTV episode. Watch and be inspired!


Catch the latest episode of JPTV tonight at 8pm CT, here on the Juice Plus+ Facebook page! IRONMAN® World Champion Jason Fowler is joining us to talk about how he pushes through physical and mental challenges and why he's taken Juice Plus+ for over 11 years. Since the accident that left him paralyzed, he’s completed over 150 road races, 36 marathons, 37 triathlons, and 6 IRONMAN® championships. You will want to hear this inspiring story!

Posted by Juice Plus+ on Thursday, October 24, 2019


Nothing fishy about this

A question we frequently get when discussing our Omega blend is why we use algal oil rather than fish oil? Our Director of Product Innovation, Liza Pepple replies:

Many of us don’t realize that fish actually get their omega 3s from algae. By harvesting omegas from the original algae source instead of fish, Juice Plus+ has ensured the Omega Blend delivers a pure and sustainable source of omegas, including the all-important DHA and EPA omega fatty acids. We like to say that we’re just cutting out the middle fish and going to the original plant source. We are committed to whole-food nutrition and the Omegas contain 100% plant-based omega oils sourced from algae and fruit seed oils.




Happy Thanksgiving!