Don’t Fall for It!

September 23, 2023

Not this fall.

Today, September 23, is the fall equinox for 2023 when days and nights are of equal length. It can be anywhere between September 21 to September 24 in any given year based on astronomical calculations.

Equinoxes occur at exactly the same time around the world. Technically, while much of the U.S. experiences the fall equinox on September 23, it is actually 11:50 PM on September 22 on the West Coast. That’s if you are splitting hairs.

Regardless of how we define the date, do we really feel it’s fall today? If we focus on the United States, in some sense, it depends on where we live.


For decades, the beginning of the school year, typically right after Labor Day, signified the beginning of fall. But now school starts in August for most of the country, and in some places, as early as late July.



So what are our markers now?

In the South, it’s the first kickoff. Football = Fall. Football typically starts at the end of August.



In the Northeast, fall begins when the foliage begins to turn, as early as mid-September in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.



In the Midwest, it’s when the bugs go crazy.



But it’s not as scary as you might imagine if you are not from there.

Pinhead-sized green aphids sense when the first frost is coming to kill them off. One late September evening, you’ll experience thousands of these little creatures clinging to window screens and flying into unprotected open mouths.

They’re said to enhance the flavor of a drive-thru McDonalds hamburger on that one special night.


In the Northwest, it’s the day after Labor Day every year, when a weeklong rainstorm almost always abruptly ends the usual dry and pleasant summer. Summer = Independence Day to Labor Day.


But for most of California, summer sticks around for a while.

The best month of the year in San Francisco is October. No fog, warm weather, clear blue skies.



Same for Los Angeles and San Diego. Hot, dry, sunny weather, which briefly peaks in the afternoon as the days begin to shorten, leaving idyllic mornings and evenings.


Ron, a Midwest transplant, recalls sitting in the parking lot at Santa Anita Racetrack during his first fall in California sometime near the end of October, watching a spectacular sunset as he was waiting to exit the lot, wondering if summer-like weather would ever end.

(Yes, there was major traffic. Those were the days when going to the racetrack on a weekend meant coping with 50,000-60,000 other handicappers mostly exiting the lot at the same time.)

Ron’s ultimate conclusion on the end of his first California summer: Thanksgiving. Put the Christmas Tree up. Summer’s finally over.



So what’s the point?

Don’t fall for poor diet and no exercise. The odds would be up you could be experiencing your last fall.

Our Immune System


There are so many reasons our immune systems need shoring up: school has started, the fall equinox has arrived, and when summer ends, whenever that is, we’ll begin to spend more time inside than outside, so continuing to build a healthy immune system just makes sense.

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