Thomas Jefferson’s Pox on America

June 26, 2024

Thomas Jefferson….one of our greatest Presidents. Maybe greater than you thought or could drop a bit when you hear this news.

Thomas Jefferson introduced french fries to America in 1802, at the time he was the third President of the United States, when he served them at a White House dinner. He became a fan of fries years earlier when he was living in France as American Ambassador.

Being we are in between June 22nd’s National Onion Ring Day and July 12th’s National French Fry Day, it seems appropriate to give equal time to the onion ring, the french fry’s junior sister.

Crisco (Remember grandma having it under the kitchen sink?), hydrogenated oil in solid form introduced to replace animal lard in 1911, and which turned out to be only marginally healthier, promoted a recipe for onion rings in a 1931 marketing campaign.

It was a very successful marketing campaign, and onion rings were here to satisfy our American cravings from then on.

Fries versus onion rings?

The typical American consumes 40 pounds of fries and 20 pounds of onion rings annually, an interesting ratio since onion rings hold twice the grease of fries.

Studies have been conducted where participants abstain from eating fries/onion rings for a whole year, achieve significant weight loss and have a healthier heart. Why are so many irresistible foods unhealthy?

But there is a workaround.

With the skyrocketing price of fast food fries and onion rings these days, you can both save a ton of money and eat these popular foods in a healthier way by popping them in your toaster oven or air fryer (or even a regular oven) and enjoying them grease free.


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Summer’s Here – Hydrate


About 20% of daily fluid intake usually comes from food and the rest from drinks.

So, how much water should we be drinking this summer? Check out the chart below from the National Academy of Medicine.

Click here for more information and more ways to stay hydrated.

1- 3 years 4 cups, or 32 ounces
4-8 years 5 cups, or 40 ounces
9-13 years 7-8 cups, or 56-64 ounces
14-18 years 8-11 cups, or 64-88 ounces
Men, 19 and older 13 cups, or 104 ounces
Women, 19 and older 9 cups, or 72 ounces
Pregnant women 10 cups, or 80 ounces
Breastfeeding women 13 cups, or 104 ounces