Beme Me Up

February 23, 2021

Beme Me Up


Nutrition and microcirculation are pillars of our family’s healthy lifestyle Each supports the other. They are a daily part of our lives, which is why we are religious in sharing about them.


We need to eat healthy food. We also benefit greatly from enhancing the flow of the good food we eat through our circulatory system.


We have shared with you before about the Bemer, the first and only microcirculation device to receive FDA Class 2 (home-approved medical device) clearance. The Bemer has been in our home for daily use for over three years now.


Probably the best way to get a comprehensive understanding of how the Bemer works and its benefits to us is to view this new video. It’s a bit hefty at just under eight minutes. But it’s not technical and gets to the gist of what beming up can do for us.



Ask us about the newly announced lease-to-buy program, which allows you to experience the benefits of the device before making a full commitment to bring it into your life. There is also financing available.



FREE: Inspiration & Recipes


Many times inspiration is found in the most unlikely places. Our family is always inspired by the delectable recipes found in our Healthy Living Revolution Recipes! JP+ recently compiled four volumes of Revolution Recipes – download this free resource now and enjoy all of the recipes from volumes 5-8 in one scrumptious eCookbook!
This version contains healthy recipes from:


Vol. 5 – Complete Creations
Vol. 6 – Healthy Mocktails
Vol. 6 – Tower to Table
Vol. 7 – Warm & Healthy



Sample Recipe


This enticing photo of slow-cooker avocado white chili is one of the many tantalizing dishes in this volume. Click here for this recipe.



Chronic Health


In this article, Dr. David Katz eloquently details why our diet is more vital than ever. The sobering statistics he cites include: heart disease alone kills 650,000 Americans every year. That’s 1800 of us, every day. Poor diet alone stands out among the behavioral, root causes of premature death as the now undisputed number one cause of death, killing 500,000 of us prematurely every year.


And the good news: recently a committee of the American Heart Association recognized the significance of diet as a veritable vital sign, calling for its assessment with every patient. Changing our focus from avoidance of chronic disease conditions to maintaining “chronic health” may be our solution.



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