Be a Healthy Citizen of the World

March 29, 2021

Hey, there. As we begin to break out from our year-long isolations and prepare to once again function beyond four walls, the internet and streaming, here’s to reconnecting with the rest of the world on health.


Be A [Healthy] Citizen of the World


In March many of us have tended to be a wee bit Irish, eating more “Irish-centric” foods (which may be different from our usual fare,). Let’s use that as a reason to travel around the world via other countries’ plant-based cuisine. There are so many options — this article will help you think about why it’s a good idea to try new foods. Perhaps your definition of what healthy eating is will be expanded.

Article excerpt: “Google the term “examples of healthy recipes” and you’ll notice there’s very little variety in what healthy eating looks like, and that the definition of “healthy” is pretty narrow.”

Speaking of the world: did you know that Juice Plus+ is now available in 23 countries? Including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East—Dubai, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.




A Mental Health Workout


Stressed out? Grumpy? Tired all the time? You need a mental-fitness regimen.
For months, therapists have reported a significant increase in clients who are anxious, worried or depressed over current events—the pandemic, economic woes, civil unrest. And while they can teach coping skills, such as emotion regulation, to help deal with the stress, they say it’s also important for people to proactively take steps to be mentally healthy, just as they would if they wanted to be physically fit. “If you wait until a major stressor hits to try and bolster your mental health, it’s like trying to inflate your life raft while you are already drowning at sea,” says Wendy Troxel, a clinical psychologist and senior behavioral and social scientist at Rand Corp.



A Verdant Salad

Directly from our Tower Garden to Table Cookbook: a delicious, fresh salad. Enjoy!

Grow Your Own


Another Way to Be a (Healthy) Citizen of the World

The Bemer Pro-Set Go microcirculation device fits in a small backpack and travels anywhere: the beach, a mountain campsite, a youth hostel (sell sessions to fund your travel?), or think big, a 5-star international resort.

Juice Plus+ is available in 23 countries, Bemer in 42. We are healthily on the world stage with both.


The Last Word


A homage to the simple potato. Baked, air fried, broiled — our spuds are amazingly versatile!