Volley and Stroke

May 13, 2019

Hot off the press:

USA Volleyball [USAV] Signs Juice Plus+ as Exclusive Nutritional Supplement Partner!

USAV announced a two-year partnership with Juice Plus+ as the national governing body’s exclusive nutritional supplement partner. Together, Juice Plus+ and USAV will promote healthy living habits and the importance for athletes to receive their daily fill of essential vitamins and minerals.

“Our national team athletes are amongst the best in the world,” USAV CEO Jamie Davis said. “They train hard every day and travel the world racking up countless miles representing and winning medals for our country. We are excited to partner with Juice Plus+ to provide them with all-plant nutritional supplements which will improve their performance as well as enhance their training and travel recovery.”




Know stroke symptoms and be prepared to help


PEMF Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Victims of a stroke have the potential for full recovery these days if they are treated within 60 minutes of the onset of their stroke. Learn the simple F.A.S.T. acronym and give a stroke victim hope for rehabilitation through therapy.

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is a treatment introduced to stroke victims in recent years. See the patient on the left in the video show progress against his former self after PEMF therapy.






Recovery Smoothie


Whether it’s for an Olympic athlete or for you & your family, we can all benefit from getting a high quality, delicious smoothie into our bodies after a good workout. Try this one today!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie

3 ounces plain Greek yogurt or non-dairy yogurt
1 banana
1 ½ cups strawberries
1 cup milk or your favorite non-dairy milk
½ cup water
1 scoop Complete by Juice Plus+ Dutch Chocolate shake mix
Combine all ingredients in the blender. Enjoy within a half-hour of exercise.




How to get teens to give up junk food

Many times those “eat good food” lectures just don’t work with teens. Turn that story on its head and tell them they’re victims of corporate manipulation!

Giving kids a lesson in how the junk food industry engineers food to be addictive – and how it targets kids in ads – is more effective in improving eating habits than simple nutritional lessons.
Read this very interesting article on how to influence your teenager to make better food choices!





Tower Garden Season!

Comments from new Tower Gardeners:

“This TG is so amazing! I usually kill everything! It’s been up for 18 days & I have buds on the squash already. The little guy I planted from seeds on Friday!”

“I feel the same way!! I couldn’t get a chia pet to grow!! But the tower garden makes it so easy to grow!!”

“5 weeks from seed! We live in an RV and it’s wonderful to have this with us!”

Contact me if you’re “Tower Garden curious!”



Upcoming Orange County Bemer Overviews

Learn about the Bemer and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy at one of these upcoming Thursday evening presentations:
May 23, May 30, June 6. RSVP to Donna to reserve your seat.



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