Bonnie’s Back

June 24, 2019

We delayed sending this month’s newsletter in anticipation of sharing some uplifting news with you.


After 2-1/2 years of being couch-bound, HurryCane-bound and occasionally wheelchair-bound, Donna’s mom, Bonnie, with the help of a daily regimen of whole food nutritional supplements and microcirculation therapy, this past week moved back into her own home and independent living.



Juice Plus+ Omegas and Summer Skin

This video, featuring biochemist Dr. Mitra Ray, will provide insight on what are in plant-based Juice Plus+ Omegas and how they can help you maintain healthy skin in the outdoors months ahead.

Get Ready for Summer with a Health that Shines!




Take a Hike

Dr. Ray mentioned that she was excited for longer summer days, with more opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. If you’re looking for a perfect way to enjoy our additional daylight hours, try hiking!

This article discusses the many benefits of hiking including boosting our brainpower, improving creative problem solving and it can stop negative thinking. Read this article for research proving these benefits and then strap your boots on and go!


BONUS: Click here us to discover trails near you!


Tower Garden goes global

Juice Plus+ Tower Gardens are popping up all over the planet! Ibiza Farms recently established the first Tower Farm in Asia. This Tower Farm is located in the Philippines, about 4 hours outside Manila in the most idyllic countryside. They are going to grow flowers to feed their bee farm and will also grow a wide range of vegetables. Watch the video for a terrific bird’s eye view of this lush garden.



Eat Your Water

Good hydration is important all year round and this graphic is a superb reminder that we can get lots of water from our fruits and veggies!