Sharing a Spin

August 17, 2019

Summer and cycling. They go together. So do microcirculation and long-standing cycling records.

A team of eight riders using microcirculation therapy during their ride, set the race record for the Race Across America, run annually since 1982, Oceanside CA pier to Annapolis MD city dock….3,070 miles in 5 days, 3 hours and 43 minutes, an average speed of 24.91 miles per hour.

Record set last June, and team “retired”. This year’s participants, hours slower, didn’t come close.





Is it HOT where you are? Summer heat can really wallop us! Our suggestion is to cool down with a delicious Juice Plus+ Complete Popsicle! Recipes below.




15 Nutrient Dense Foods


Summertime is the perfect time to up-level what you’ve been eating. With the abundance of fresh produce available to us, why not explore one of these nutritional powerhouses?
And if you’re curious, all of the nutrient-dense produce mentioned is either in Juice Plus+ or can be grown in the Tower Garden.






Healthy Living Revolution


Looking for more healthy living ideas? Please check out our Healthy Living Revolution site for education from medical and healthcare professionals. Topics are varied and have included: Natural Solutions for Depression & Anxiety; Asthma, Allergies & Solutions; Fertility and Diet; Complete Health & Dentistry, Bariatric Basics and more.





More than a Veggie Tower


This month’s photo reminder features luscious and delicious strawberries, proving again that Tower Gardening is about more than veggies! What will you grow in your Tower Garden?
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