Not Suitable for Work

May 24, 2021

The more we learn about what our bodies are doing 24/7, the more fascinating they are… read below for inspiration!


Not Suitable For Work

That title may be a bit dramatic because this function is a natural process for all of us. And getting rid of the distinctive scent is a $7,000,000,000 (that’s seven BILLION dollar) industry. We have emojis for it, we work to figure out what to do with it when we are camping, it is one of the daily discussion topics for moms and dads of young children, etc. What is it? Read the article for enlightenment and tips on best ways to get things moving.



Free Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook


We know a new product trend is a solid trend when Costco sells multiple versions of it.


Air fryers are the latest kitchen product flying off the shelves or through on-line appliance purchases these days. And this is a great trend considering they are a great product to help us cook more healthily.


To help you get a head start with a new air fryer, we’re sharing our new Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook.


By using an air fryer you’ve already taken a huge step in the right direction, and these recipes build upon that solid foundation. Hmmm… Mother’s Day is right around the corner, do you think Mom would enjoy some Toasted Coconut French Toast to start her day? Download our newest cookbook for more delectable ideas!


Got Questions?


Specifically, do you have questions about your immune system? We know it’s important but what does it do? And how does it do it? Considering what we have learned this past year we know that now, more than ever, people are concerned about their immune system and what proactive steps they can take to make it healthier.


Dr. Mitra Ray gives a factual, detailed description of how vital our immune system is to our health.


Baseball Is Back (And Thankfully We Can Now Say Back Even in California)

With the extended Covid-19 shutdown, our youth missed “spring training” in California, but they are on the field now, with “batter up” and “you’re out” resounding in each and every local ball field.


If you are playing league baseball at the young adult or adult level, see how pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can help with recovery, energy, and performance.


All 32 major league baseball teams use PEMF in their training rooms.




It’s A Sign

The real sign is if you have no garden and there is little or no produce in your refrigerator crisper or on your kitchen counter. Help can be on the way!