Fall into Relief

September 19, 2019

“Fall” into new healthy habits this September. Start by reading this newsletter for fresh ideas and sound inspiration! And as always, please let us know how we can support you and your family’s healthy lifestyle.



Fall into Relief


There’s no season of the year relieving us from stress and the physical pain many of us experience dealing with it. There is, however, an all-season, in-home holistic alternative to over-the-counter and prescription remedies….microcirculation therapy.











Your Brain on Food


When we think about the impact of food in our bodies, many times we ignore the critical cognitive processes that food impacts.
If you aren’t already fully convinced that what we ingest can have a significant impact on how we think, please read this.






Fast Food for Busy People


Are you and your family a bunch of busy bees? And are you concerned that many days you have no time to make, serve and eat wholesome meals?
Juice Plus+ Complete buzzing to the rescue! Check out the facts, review the recipes and prepare to be amazed by the taste!





With school back in session, let’s get educated and learn a new word: polyphenols – pol·y·phe·nol; /ˌpäliˈfēˌnôl,-ˌnōl/; a compound containing more than one phenolic hydroxyl group.

Now learn why these chemicals have such a potent impact on our health!

If you’re curious about the polyphenols in Juice Plus+, please watch this short video.


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