April 25, 2023

Donna was invited to her friend Natalie’s birthday celebration in Puerto Vallarta a few weeks ago.

The trip sounded great, but the thought of having to drive her to always-a-nightmare LAX with a dementia-challenged mother in tow was a bit of a downer.

Ron remembered reading a while back about a way to fly to Mexico from a border crossing in San Diego, and yes, his recollection was correct. After many years of meticulous planning between two countries, CBX, the Cross Border Express, had been opened in 2015.

According to the website, one could check in to the CBX terminal on the U.S. side of the border, and in ten minutes, walk across an international bridge right into the Tijuana Airport concourse.

We were a little queasy, having heard nothing about it over the past eight years, but we decided to give it a try, and it was a hit.

An easy drive to and from with limited congestion and an effortless drop off and pick up. Fares half of U.S. airlines from LAX, non-stop, and on brand new planes from an immaculate terminal.

Guess we’ll be down there again when a long-imagined trip to Cabo beckons us.

After such a positive experience, we weren’t surprised to hear CBX is expanding, planning on building a parking garage, a couple of hotels and some nearby shopping. Keep it simple, guys. We like it the way it is.

Click the link to see what Donna experienced.

Easy Peasy – From the U.S. to Tijuana Gate in 10 Minutes

If you’ve ever gone to Mexico and visited a Walmart or Costco near a vacation resort town’s airport on your way to your lodging, you’ve probably been amazed at the number of unrecognizable fruits and vegetables.

Those of us who live in Southern California and Arizona think of Mexico as a desert, but that is only true in the northwest part of the country, mostly Baja and Sonora where the American and Mexican deserts really have no borders. Most of Mexico is tropical, and fertile ground for a cornucopia of plant edibles.

Do you know the national fruit of Mexico? Avocados. (Yep, it’s a fruit.)

Click on the link below and scroll through images of popular fruits in Mexico. You will likely find common Mexican fruits you have never heard of in the U.S.

15 Fruits of Mexico

The Mexican diet is more healthy than the American diet. Studies have shown it takes three generations for Mexican nationals who have moved to the United States to have their health erode to that of a native American.

Juice Plus+, the whole food supplements we represent, is sold in 20 countries, with Mexico being the 20th. But Juice Plus+ does not have the same level of need to fill in Mexico as in the United States.

Unlike native Americans, Mexican people on the whole have a lower nutritional gap to bridge.


30 versus 20

Juice Plus+ is sold in 20 countries, while Bemer, our microcirculation device, is sold in 30.

Microcirculation therapy enhances the health of all of us no matter where we live.

The picture above highlights the Bemer Headquarters in the charming European country of Liechtenstein nestled between Austria and Switzerland.


The Plus


You know our Juice Plus+ Essentials Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blend capsules include plant-based nutrition from a variety of 30 different fruits, veggies, and berries, but did you know that our blends also include a variety of other important plant-based nutrients? We call this the “plus” in Juice Plus+.

This includes nutrients like mixed carotenoids such as beta-carotene, which the body converts into Vitamin A, and lutein, which supports healthy vision; folate from lemon peel, a B-vitamin your body needs to make DNA and other genetic material; and so much more.

What you see on our product label is exactly what you’re getting in Juice Plus+ products! Our NSF certification means our Juice Plus+ capsules have undergone independent testing by non-profit NSF and our ingredients have met and exceeded the highest food quality standards.

Product Labels




Spring is the time for renewal – we spring clean our houses, we spring clean our vehicles, and we plant new plants inside and outside our homes. Another thing that is continually renewing is the cells in our bodies. Some of our cells turnover quickly (think skin cells) and some more slowly, but they all eventually turn over. The more we understand this, the more we’ll be inspired to feed our cells the best nutrition possible. Juice Plus+ makes this easy. Review this article for cell growth details.






Eating Bird Food

Try this yummy salad attributed to Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston. It’s more than bird food!

Click here for the recipe.