You Gotta Have Heart

February 28, 2022


? “You Gotta Have Heart”? Remember that song from 1958?


It was a song in the Broadway play Damn Yankees of that same year.


Remember Eddie Fisher who made a huge hit of that song back when we had record albums?


If you do, consider yourself grizzled but wise.


If you don’t, hopefully you have the cognitive wherewithal to recollect Princess Leia, who was Eddie Fisher’s real life daughter from his marriage to Debbie Reynolds.


Had to have heart in 1958. Still gotta have heart today, but with a more supportive environment for keeping our heart healthy than we had 63 years ago.



Heart Health

What does the data say about our Heart Health? Have people in the U.S. made significant improvements in the past few years? Unfortunately, the most recent statistics published by the CDC show that heart disease and stroke are still among the most widespread and costly health problems facing the nation today.

The statistics:


  • -Approximately 1.5 million heart attacks and strokes occur every year in the United States.
  • -1 in every 3 deaths in the U.S. is from cardiovascular disease.
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Do fruits & veggies help our hearts?

With this month’s spotlight on heart health, let’s review how Juice Plus+ can help our hearts. Juice Plus+ has 12 published clinical studies on Heart Health, so you can be assured that Juice Plus+ has a firm foundation to stand on.

For example, one of our clinical studies showed that people who consumed Juice Plus+ were better able to maintain the normal, healthy elasticity of arteries, even after a high-fat meal, and maintain normal levels of homocysteine, a waste product associated with heart health. These studies also demonstrated positive effects on several other measures of vascular health.

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out our clinical research, click the link below.




Eating fruits & veggies, drinking more water, and in general, living a healthy lifestyle can be just as effective as medicine. Do you believe that? If yes, do you think we’ve been overexposed to this idea (and are now not hearing this message)? “Overexposure can turn liking into hostility” — quote by Roman writer Publilius Syrus, about 43 b.c.

Too many of us hear only white noise instead of seriously considering the good that can result from changing diet and lifestyle. In other words, changing what we can control can have a massive impact on our quality of life.


One potent example of the power of lifestyle change comes from North Karelia, Finland. A study done in this cold country found that when they improved their diet and lifestyle, the Finns realized impressive results in only one generation. A dedication to lifestyle as medicine for all has slashed heart disease rates by over 80%, and added fully ten years to life expectancy. No white noise there!


You Gotta Have Heart Here Too



Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is yet another contributor to heart health.



We Can Do Better, Right?