To the Tower

June 25, 2020

Joy. How have you experienced the simple joys of life these past few months? A child’s laugh? The sweet smell of lilacs? Taking an unhurried walk? Whatever it is, when we take the time to really feel joy, we’re better people for it. And we’re also healthier people … this is a healthy newsletter, after all! Check out this article for more musings on joy.


To the Tower – A One Minute Tell-All

Tower Garden Basics

Are you considering growing a garden this year but are concerned that you’ve missed the prime planting season? This is yet another reason to grow a Tower Garden: anytime is a good time to start, especially when you’re growing inside, with lights!


Using Aeroponic Technology, the Tower Garden:
    • Increases yields by an average of 30%
    • Grows plants up to 3 times faster
    • Uses as little as 2% of the water


Get the facts here



Beans – Good for Us & for Our Planet

A silver lining to our current reality is that now more of us are cooking at home and are experimenting with different recipes. We discussed the health benefits of beans in a previous issue and this is your reminder to incorporate those beans into your mix of home-cooked meals!


Two indicators that we are doing more home cooking are: increased Google searches of recipes and sales data showing increased purchases of cooking items. Truly a silver lining, as research has shown that home cooking can lead to healthier overall lifestyles and is a good life skill to teach kids. Finally, the more plants we ingest, the less animal products we eat, which means our planet is also healthier.
Bean Recipes


Mitigate the Risk

Sound words from Dr. Tom Rifai:
The virus is real. Yet so is the fact that approximately 1.2 million Americans die every year of coronary artery disease and cancer combined, much of which we now know is preventable. In light of the strong overlap between the risk of this virus-associated morbidity/death susceptibility and lifestyle preventable diseases, let’s please not lose focus on our health-promoting behaviors. Take care to dose comfort foods and beverages carefully; cherish the power of whole fruits and vegetables; move as much as possible; dose screen time carefully and avoid letting it dig into your sleep time.


And take your Juice Plus+ daily! We’ve been “cherishing the power of whole fruits & veggies” for more than two decades!



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