These Are Not Normal Times

August 24, 2020

These truly are not normal times. We all feel it in semi-isolation.

We get plenty of news on what’s going on out there through the media, both traditional and social. But sometimes it’s a personal story that really drives home a particular dynamic.

Our good friend, Allan Gutierrez, long-time RN in our Mission Viejo community, volunteered to be a relief nurse in May and June at St. Joseph Hospital in Bethpage NY on Long Island. At the time, the virus was spreading out from the New York City into suburban communities, and Bethpage was a hot spot.

We gifted Allan with two months of Juice Plus+ nutritional products to help him with his immune system during his assignment before he flew to New York. Then we kept in touch with video calls.

Two observations from Allan added an exclamation point to what we had been hearing, but not experiencing.
First, when the illness progresses to the seriousness of needing hospital stays, the hospital experience is traumatic to both the caregivers and the patient. Allan commented regularly on how his work in Bethpage was gut-wrenching and without question the hardest job he had ever taken, including many years of emergency room assignments.
Second, of the many of his patients who did not survive their hospital stay, each one, to a person, without exception, regardless of age, had a least one underlying health condition.
It underscores the importance of building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to forestall chronic health conditions and reduce your susceptibility to what might come your way in the future.





Did you know that mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin D? And that worldwide mushroom consumption has increased markedly in the past four decades? Mushrooms have the potential to be the only non-animal, unfortified food source of vitamin D that can provide a substantial amount of vitamin D2 in a single serving.


Vitamin D has been studied by the National Institute of Health for its possible connections to several diseases and medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, bone disorders and some types of cancer. It also plays a role in the maintenance of healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.


JP+ Complete & ‘shrooms

WARNING – this may seriously impact how you make your morning coffee! Our protein powder, Juice Plus+ Complete, is a nutritious blend of plant-based ingredients like chickpea protein and quinoa that add extra fiber, protein, and prebiotics to smoothies, healthy snacks, baking recipes, and more. And you can use it in your morning coffee… are you excited yet?!?



Complete also contains juice powder from Agaricus bisporus, a.k.a. the Portabella mushroom. Mushrooms are the ONLY plant-based source of Vitamin D. One serving of Complete provides 40% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Intake (RDA) of Vitamin D. Now that’s exciting: something that is delish and good for you!




Is Foraging in Your Future?


If your answer is “yes”, take a moment and read this article: “Expert Tips on How to Forage for Mushrooms and Not Die.”

Sharon Palmer, RDN writes that “Nothing compares to the earthy fragrance and taste of mushrooms freshly sautéed in a bit of olive oil and garlic… they are classified in the kingdom of fungi and they are the complex fruiting body of the fungal organism. Just as a tree produces fruit to bear seeds to continue the species, so does a fungal organism produce mushrooms to carry spores to continue its own species. With thousands of mushroom species present in the world, most of these fungi remain mysterious, as only 10 percent of the species have been identified”. Read more…

For more info on ‘shrooms, check out the Mushroom Council’s website.



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Tower Gardens “Across the Pond”

Meanwhile, in Ibiza, Spain Tower Gardens are showing off their marvelous produce in this video by Agrotonomy Farms… gourds & more!



After watching this video, are you inspired to grow more than tomatoes & lettuce?



Yes, you are!