Rise of the Phoenix

July 28, 2022

Rise of the Phoenix

We visited our son, Hunter, who graduated from college and got a big boy job and apartment this past year, in Phoenix in early July. We brought African cactus cuttings with us to help him beautify his patio.


Here’s a picture of Hunter proudly posing with his plantings right after they were in:



Here are a few pictures of their sad state just a few weeks later in mid-July:



With daily high temperatures ranging from 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit in the Phoenix summer, even cacti can’t take hold without help.


But there is a way to rise in Phoenix. Yes, the Tower Garden.



Because the Tower Garden can water in amounts supportive of the temperature environment it is in, plants can rise above the local challenges. African cacti can grow, albeit a strange use of the Tower Garden, actually practically anything.

The restaurant community in downtown Phoenix has embraced the Tower Garden.


During our stay, we dined one evening at Pizzeria Bianco in the Phoenix city center. Some of you may have heard of Pizzeria Bianco, run by award-winning restaurateur Chris Bianco, all organic, rated one of the best pizzerias in the world.


Pizzeria Bianco is a legendary eatery in the Phoenix community and by popular demand joined the Los Angeles restaurant scene just last month.


It proudly represents the farm to table spirit in healthy eating.


Click the video link below for more on tower to table in downtown Phoenix.




Refreshing Alternatives to Soda

Published recently in Everyday Health, this article is the perfect mid-summer reminder of the various drink options we have to quench our thirst. We really do have many options available to us and this article will get the wheels in your brain turning towards what you can conjure up!

Drinking soda just isn’t the way to go any longer. According to a study published in September 2019 in JAMA Internal Medicine, drinking soda is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, colorectal cancer, and all causes of death. What are you waiting for? Click the button below now!


Can Fruits and Vegetables Boost Brain Health?


Some good news! Eating colorful fruits and vegetables may be good for your brain.


A new study, one of the largest such analyses to date, has found that flavonoids, the chemicals that give plant foods their bright colors, may help curb the frustrating forgetfulness and mild confusion that older people often complain about with advancing age, and that sometimes can precede a diagnosis of dementia. The study was observational so cannot prove cause and effect, though its large size and long duration add to growing evidence that what we eat can affect brain health.




Sleep after You Eat with Bemer


Did you know the Bemer pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device comes with a sleep system?


The Bemer mat can positioned under your bedsheet and be programmed to provide optimal circulation throughout the night to get you to sleep, keep you asleep, and prepare you for wake up.



Is Your Diet Inspiring?