Lights, Cameras….PERFORM

December 23, 2021

The holiday season is upon us, and its time to PERFORM.



Introducing Juice Plus+ Perform

The Juice Plus+ company keeps current with consumer trends and those trends indicate there is an increased demand for functional food and drinks that support fitness performance.


With that in mind, Juice Plus+ has introduced this month a brand new high-protein shake, Juice Plus+ Perform.


Perform does not replace the popular COMPLETE line of Juice Plus+ plant-based protein shake products available for many years.


Rather, it is unique mix of plant-based and whole food-based ingredients, vitamins, and minerals tailored to the very active of us with special needs to elevate our fitness and mental performance. ​


Donna and Ron have both begun a Perform regimen as the holidays approach. As most all of us, our schedules are extra busy this time of year, and with a high-protein shake, we’re looking forward to a boost.




Ditch Grandma’s Lard-Based Recipe and Go for a Healthy Holiday Apple and Honey Pie


Pumpkin pie maybe your favorite, but Christmas also begs for a good apple pie. Here’s one with a 21st century health rating but a traditional pie taste.



Yeehaw! Microcirculation. What a Horse Would Wish for Christmas

No horsin’ around. The best gift horse owners can give to their horses is the same pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (pemf) humans use to promote microcirculation and better health. See trainer Martha Josey share how uses pemf microcirculation therapy to rodeo equine champions.

While We Are On The Topic of PERFORMING….