It’s a Record!

November 2, 2022

We’re entering uncharted territory this month. Every major American sport is in season, and for the first time ever, soccer’s World Cup is being contested starting November 20.

Of course, the reason for this unusual date for the World Cup, normally a summer event, is understandable. The games for this quadrennial were awarded to Qatar in the Middle East.

Qatar in mid-summer makes Phoenix in mid-summer seem like Aspen.


When Ron was younger, this super-concentration of spectator sports would have sent him into delirium. Ron was raised by an older father for the times, one who was past participating and more into watching.

Dad faithfully took Ron to spectator events, starting with Friday night local high school basketball at age 3, where he got to go down to the student-run card table at one corner of the court at halftime and buy a 5-cent Hershey Bar.

Years of weekly 5-cent candy bars turned Ron, as he matured, into a superfan. Moving to Los Angeles from the Midwest made it easy to set his sights on attending every major sporting event, and he did.





















From Super Bowl to World Series to NBA Finals to the Stanley Cup….from Summer and Winter Olympics to the World Cup to Final Fours, he bucket-listed them all.



Did any spectator tradition pass down from Ron to son, Hunter?

Yes in a qualified way.

As with many Gen Zs, the only sport Hunter knows is eSports. ESports is team gaming competition, with 5 players on each team, 20 league teams around the globe, in the Overwatch League.


Hunter makes spectator pilgrimages these days to the Blizzard Arena, which older generations have known as the broadcast homes of Johnny Carson and Jay Leno at the Burbank Studios.

Go up there now and you can watch LA’s Overwatch League team, the Gladiators, compete with other cities.

The games are all watchable on the internet, but even today, just like in Ron’s era, there’s nothing like being at a venue with cheering crowds, refreshments and intermissions.

PlayStation and computer gaming over time just beat out candy bars on the road to Stoffel family spectatorship.




So what’s different between today’s spectators and those of past generations, regardless of sport?

Three words….health, health, health.

The “athletes” train better, both physically and nutritionally.  And the spectators eat better, or at least have the opportunity to.  Hot dogs are now supplemented with a range of healthy alternatives.



Fueling All Athletes


The United States Performance Center is partnering with The Juice Plus+ Company to provide Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Functional Food Powders to every Olympic and National Team athlete that trains there!

The USPC Fueling Station will also serve Juice Plus+ Complete and Juice Plus+ Perform to each athlete daily for Plant Powered performance, recovery, and glycogen replacement.

If you’re not familiar with JP+ Complete or Perform, contact us and we’ll fill you in!




Therapy for All Athletes

Microcirculation therapy is now offered in most college and professional athletic programs.

Read the article below to see how the NFL Players Association has been purchasing free Bemer pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy devices for its players, both current and past.



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