Coronavirus – Waterbottle Crisis

April 20, 2020

Your Garage Filling Up with Empty Costco Water Bottles?

Donna and Ron’s Journey to an Efficient Source of Healthy Water

Our journey to the healthiest household drinking water for the dollar:

  • Years of using the refrigerator filter (marginally healthy)
  • Years of an under-the-sink kitchen filter system (healthy to moderately healthy, depending on maintenance diligence)
  • Years of purchasing Costco and other bottled water (moderately healthy)
  • Years of taking the 45-minute drive to downtown Carlsbad CA and dispensing a couple of months worth of 5-gallon jugs of alkaline water from the community’s famous aquifer (very healthy) (Now sold in bottles at Costco, by the way)
  • Finally, purchasing a kitchen countertop water filter with 99.99% filtering capability, producing optimal PH alkaline water by just pouring in a pitcher of tap water into the upper reservoir of the unit every few days (very healthy)


Our countertop filtering device is the Nikken PiMag Waterfall shown on our kitchen counter in the above images.

We do not market this filtering device, but we highly recommend it. It is currently on sale through the end of April (sale price $269, regular price $336).

If you are interested, email us at and we can help you get it at the sale price.

Did You Know?

Independent studies of Juice Plus+ capsules show that as part of a healthy diet, Juice Plus+ can help:

  • Support the function of our immune system
  • Increase antioxidant capacity and improve indicators of oxidative stress
  • Reduce the number of days related to common cold symptoms (and the number of days absent from work)



Immune System Health – Health Care Professionals Speak

Listen to a variety of Juice Plus+ Medical Health Care Professionals discuss the science within the research. Research studies include over 40 scientific peer-reviewed medical journal publications.

Get Your Gut Right, Pharmacists: Dr. Kacy Schloss, Pharm.D., Kelly Rompel, Pharm.D. and Clarissa Hall, Pharm.D.
Recipe for a Healthy Immune System, Dr. William Sears, “America’s Pediatrician”, Author of 40 books

More on Our Immune System

Recently our newsfeeds have been chock-full of ideas and information about how our actions, including what we eat, can help strengthen our immune system. Make sure to keep eating lots of produce!

For a fact-filled article on the proper way to store your produce, click here.