A Seedy Proposition

May 31, 2022

A Seedy Proposition

Many of you know, Ron grew up in the St. Louis area.


He tells the story periodically about the annual evening family excursion to downtown St. Louis to see the Christmas displays in the windows around the block-square Famous-Barr department store, the biggest in the city.


Rounding the corner after circling the block came the final display, the ever-popular holiday model train town, with a band of slobber along the windows where children pressed their faces to get the closest look possible at all the trains.


That was the highlight for Ron and his siblings. But Ron’s dad had a different highlight. Across the street after the final display, tucked below a massive concrete parking garage, was The Nut House, the source of his father’s personal holiday joy, bags of an assortment of hot nuts.


Ron inherited his dad’s taste for nuts over the years, albeit nuts without grease on the bags or covered with half a salt mine, as was part of the package during childhood.


And it has served him well health wise. Nuts (and seeds) are an absolutely fantastic source of lean protein, a complement to practically any meal.


Take a tour of nine seeds you should be eating with examples of what to eat them with.


Tour the Seed House


What Are You Gonna Drink or Eat with Those Nuts and Seeds?


Juice Plus+ just published its annual free “Swing into Spring” recipe book. Check out some excellent complements to your nut and seed collection.

Go Nuts and Seeds Over These Recipes



Find the Farmer’s Markets Near You




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