Pump(kin) It Up

Our favorite month of the year is here along with the beginning of pumpkin season.


Pumpkin Recipes… of course!

Now that you understand why you need a variety of plants in your diet, here are a couple of recipes to encourage your exploration of our delicious plant kingdom. We’ve got you covered for breakfast and lunch with these two recipes.

Spiced Pumpkin Porridge                      Roasted Pumpkin & Quinoa Salad



Drink Quinoa + Pumpkin


That heading is intriguing!


But how do I drink, not eat, these plant-based foods? And can you make it really simple for me?


We can! Quinoa is a standard ingredient in our delicious Juice Plus+ Complete powders. When you make this shake, you’ll also get all of the orange nutrition of pumpkin!






PEMF Good, Frankenstein Bad



On Our Way to San Jose (Oops)Mesa AZ


We’re heading to Mesa Arizona this coming week for a tour of True Garden, our supplier of choice for Tower Gardens, accessories and seedlings.


Yes, seedlings and produce are grown in the middle of the Sonora Desert on an indoor commercial farm.


We’ll share the nuggets we bring away from our visit next month.



Don’t eat too much candy this month!

September, a very good month (next to our personal favorite, October).

Hopefully We Are in the September of the Pandemic


It’s been a bear of a year-and-a-half. All of us have been impacted in some way.


Even as we are nearing the end of the pandemic, many of us continue to harbor anxiety, even depression.


The physician community has prescribed more anxiety and depression medication per capita in the United States in 2020 and 2021 than anytime in history.


While prescription medication has been helpful in coping with the current times, there are alternative treatments, a notable one being pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF).


The accompanying article from a recent BioBalance Newsletter explains how PEMF works to reduce anxiety and depression on a daily basis, both with medication and as a substitute for it.



Dr. Bill Sears Speaks

With immune health top of mind for many of us, let’s listen to one of our favorite docs: Dr. Bill Sears. In this video, he talks about how to preload your immune system with fruits, veggies and omega fatty acids. Tune in to listen to this doctor with over 50 years of experience in pediatric medicine and learn simple ways you can bridge the gap in your family’s diet that can lead to positive, long-term effects.

The Research Tells The Truth


We’re thrilled to announce the recent publication of two new clinical studies conducted on JP+ Capsules.
The first paper, from researchers at Universidad Católica de San Antonio in Murcia, Spain, studied the impact of JP+ Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blend capsules on cognitive function in healthy young adults.


The investigators found that JP+ capsules improve several key cognitive processes, including working memory, attention, and processing speed. This paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal Antioxidants.


In the second study, investigators at the University of Memphis examined the effect of JP+ products on the gut microbiome in overweight women. The researchers found that:


JP+ Capsules support digestive health, as demonstrated by increased levels of butyrate, a compound that supports digestive health, and by improved glucose clearance.


JP+ Capsules – in combination with JP+ Complete shakes – positively impact the composition of the gut microbiome.
This paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal Microorganisms.


September Recipe

In honor of September, below is an autumn-colored, delicious salad for you … it’s super easy to make!

Roasted Pepper Salad


7 different colored peppers
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tsp EVOO
3 TBS vinegar
parsley, chopped


Roast the peppers in a 425F oven until the skin is blistered and blackened.


Remove the peppers from the oven and immediately place the peppers in a bowl and cover. Cool for about 20 min. Peel and discard the skin. Remove the seeds and stems.


Cut the peppers into thin strips and place them in a medium bowl. Add olive oil, vinegar, garlic and salt. Mix and cover the salad. Refrigerate for at least one hour.


Serve at room temperature or chilled. *Optional – add chopped parsley before serving

We left town for a once-in-a-year-and-half break last month. We’re sure you missed us.

Mocktails anyone?


Special drinks are for everyone! Regardless of what you’re celebrating, these mocktail recipes will add a bit of zing to any occasion. And there’s no need to mock our alcohol-free mocktails: they’re fun, sometimes fizzy, and always 5-star refreshing.


Be sure to save this cookbook for the Holidays and enjoy the Misteltoe Mocktail!


Healthy Mocktail Recipe




Grow Something New!


Time for a new pepper for your grill: the shishito pepper. In Japan, it’s known as the “Lion Head Pepper” and these peppers are thin-walled, small, and slender. They turn from green to red when ripe, but are most commonly harvested when green.


Shishito peppers are inexpensive and easy to make. Their thin skin blisters and chars easily, which makes them easy to cook. It only takes a few minutes in the pan or on the grill, with a bit of salt and pepper, to taste delicious. In addition, the fact that one in 10 peppers is spicy adds an extra element of chance that’s hard to match in other foods. In other words, eating shishito peppers with a group can become a minigame. Who’s going to bite into a hot pepper first?





According to a UNLV Professor, you can use this three-number formula to break out of your comfort zone and make yourself healthier and happier. The article is an excerpt from the new book by Michael Easter, The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self. He is a leading voice on how humans can integrate modern science and evolutionary wisdom for improved health, meaning, and performance in life and at work.


All of us can benefit from periodically shaking things up a bit and there’s no better time than now!


Read Article



Just Sharin’


We’re here to inform and not sell. But occasionally it seems of purpose to share about a promotion which could be of interest to you.


We’ve informed about pulsed-electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) regularly in our posts. Everyone in our household makes time for a PEMF session for a few minutes daily to gain a physiotherapeutic benefit as a complement to good nutrition.


The PEMF provider we use and share is produced by a European company called Bemer.


Bemer PEMF devices rarely are marketed below manufacturer’s standard retail price. But through the end of August, Bemers, as they are colloquially known, are being sold at a discounted bundle price of $4,990, a $630 savings.


If you have an interest in exploring how this device might benefit you, call, text or email Donna 949.463.0520 donna@heightenedhealth.net. You need more than pictures to understand a PEMF device. She can help you experience it.




Colorful Reminder

Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables are colorful and full of life-giving nutrition! This visual is an excellent reminder of all the fruits, veggies, berries, and omegas that Juice Plus+ provides. Think about it – on your best food days, do you come close to eating this impressive variety of plants?

Hey, there. Our Covid-diminished summer’s here. Time to shake the cobwebs off your front door and get out.

Is It Legal?


Step up your plant protein game by introducing hempseeds into your diet. Because of their name, many people want to know if they are legal and the answer is absolutely! They’re not only legal, but they are an excellent source of protein and many other nutrients. Hempseed is a rich, nutty way to add nutrition and taste to your diet.


They’re particularly rich in essential fatty acids linoleic acid (omega-6) and alphalinolenic acid (omega-3) fatty acids, which are important for immune function and can help fight heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease and even symptoms of
depression. Hempseed is also a rich source of the polyunsaturated fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, or GLA.


Wonder no longer!


Have you ever wondered what the best way is to store all of our fresh summer produce? Most of us try to get the biggest ‘bang for our buck’ and storing food properly is one of the ways to get that done.


Of course, the best way to have fresh produce available to you and your family is by growing it yourself, either in a Tower Garden or a soil garden. That said, for produce that you do buy at a farmer’s market or in the grocery store, it’s important to know the best way to store it. This produce guide, published by the Food Revolution Network, will help.

Can you name this drink?

Let this information be a reminder to you, just in case you’re tempted at a barbeque, a picnic, or at the beach this summer.

Guess what this drink is, a drink that was originally formulated as a mixer to pair with whiskey: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), concentrated orange juice, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate, caffeine, sodium citrate, gum arabic, erythorbic acid, calcium disodium EDTA, yellow 5.

As we head into the heat of summer, we hope this information encourages you to drink more water! Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for the name of this beverage.


Horsin’ Around!


There’s no tellin’, but Trigger might have lasted a lot longer with pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy.


Sweet Potato Corn Salad w/Chili Lime


It’s colorful, tasty, and full of life-giving nutrition! An exquisite addition to your backyard summer celebrations… or “just because!”


Answer: Mountain Dew

The more we learn about what our bodies are doing 24/7, the more fascinating they are… read below for inspiration!


Not Suitable For Work

That title may be a bit dramatic because this function is a natural process for all of us. And getting rid of the distinctive scent is a $7,000,000,000 (that’s seven BILLION dollar) industry. We have emojis for it, we work to figure out what to do with it when we are camping, it is one of the daily discussion topics for moms and dads of young children, etc. What is it? Read the article for enlightenment and tips on best ways to get things moving.



Free Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook


We know a new product trend is a solid trend when Costco sells multiple versions of it.


Air fryers are the latest kitchen product flying off the shelves or through on-line appliance purchases these days. And this is a great trend considering they are a great product to help us cook more healthily.


To help you get a head start with a new air fryer, we’re sharing our new Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook.


By using an air fryer you’ve already taken a huge step in the right direction, and these recipes build upon that solid foundation. Hmmm… Mother’s Day is right around the corner, do you think Mom would enjoy some Toasted Coconut French Toast to start her day? Download our newest cookbook for more delectable ideas!


Got Questions?


Specifically, do you have questions about your immune system? We know it’s important but what does it do? And how does it do it? Considering what we have learned this past year we know that now, more than ever, people are concerned about their immune system and what proactive steps they can take to make it healthier.


Dr. Mitra Ray gives a factual, detailed description of how vital our immune system is to our health.


Baseball Is Back (And Thankfully We Can Now Say Back Even in California)

With the extended Covid-19 shutdown, our youth missed “spring training” in California, but they are on the field now, with “batter up” and “you’re out” resounding in each and every local ball field.


If you are playing league baseball at the young adult or adult level, see how pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can help with recovery, energy, and performance.


All 32 major league baseball teams use PEMF in their training rooms.




It’s A Sign

The real sign is if you have no garden and there is little or no produce in your refrigerator crisper or on your kitchen counter. Help can be on the way!

Every season brings unique delights to savor and joys to discover.

For a myriad of reasons this year, including renewed hope, renewed strength, this spring season is especially welcome!




Donna and Ron’s Spring Tower

April Fool’s Day is annually also spring Tower Garden seedling planting day for us.

We plant on April 1 to harvest into the fall.

Here’s this year’s April 1 planting picture:

  • Ron plants the seedlings in an arrangement for optimal growth
  • Donna is adhesive label maker, so as the growing season progresses, we can tell the difference among 3 varieties of tomatoes, two varieties of cucumbers, and a host of other fruiting plants, lettuce and herbs.


Did you know growing aeroponically (without soil) gives you the same results as ground gardening without some of the challenges of wildlife and bugs?

But as with a traditional garden, you must grow smartly to achieve optimal results.

Click on the link below to request a beautifully illustrated free 141-page e-book offering specifics on growing (or not growing) 37 categories of plants aeroponically.

Even if you don’t currently grow aeroponically, it’s an interesting read.

Free Planting Guide


We Need a Cure from Convenience

Have you been raiding your cupboards like a vending machine?
Big Food is feeding our snack addiction, says Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist.

In the early days of COVID-19, manufacturers of cookies, crackers and chips saw sales jump nearly 30% as people loaded up on items they hadn’t had since childhood. And now, the companies aren’t about to let us go.




Beware of Skeeters!


Bad news: after spring comes summer and in the summer we get many insects invading our outdoor events, even in sunny California. One of the most notorious insects is the mosquito! And mosquitos usually bring their friends.


This year, consider planting some mosquito repellent plants. Whether planted in a Tower Garden or in soil, these plants will help mitigate one of these skeeter attacks!




National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation Shares on PEMF


The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation through its affiliate Pulse Centers has highlighted major benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) in a simple chart.


As we have shared previously, PEMF enhances the electrical charge running through our bodies, speeding up circulation and thereby reducing inflammation.


Is Your Kingdom Complete?


Hey, there. As we begin to break out from our year-long isolations and prepare to once again function beyond four walls, the internet and streaming, here’s to reconnecting with the rest of the world on health.


Be A [Healthy] Citizen of the World


In March many of us have tended to be a wee bit Irish, eating more “Irish-centric” foods (which may be different from our usual fare,). Let’s use that as a reason to travel around the world via other countries’ plant-based cuisine. There are so many options — this article will help you think about why it’s a good idea to try new foods. Perhaps your definition of what healthy eating is will be expanded.

Article excerpt: “Google the term “examples of healthy recipes” and you’ll notice there’s very little variety in what healthy eating looks like, and that the definition of “healthy” is pretty narrow.”

Speaking of the world: did you know that Juice Plus+ is now available in 23 countries? Including: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East—Dubai, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.




A Mental Health Workout


Stressed out? Grumpy? Tired all the time? You need a mental-fitness regimen.
For months, therapists have reported a significant increase in clients who are anxious, worried or depressed over current events—the pandemic, economic woes, civil unrest. And while they can teach coping skills, such as emotion regulation, to help deal with the stress, they say it’s also important for people to proactively take steps to be mentally healthy, just as they would if they wanted to be physically fit. “If you wait until a major stressor hits to try and bolster your mental health, it’s like trying to inflate your life raft while you are already drowning at sea,” says Wendy Troxel, a clinical psychologist and senior behavioral and social scientist at Rand Corp.



A Verdant Salad

Directly from our Tower Garden to Table Cookbook: a delicious, fresh salad. Enjoy!

Grow Your Own


Another Way to Be a (Healthy) Citizen of the World

The Bemer Pro-Set Go microcirculation device fits in a small backpack and travels anywhere: the beach, a mountain campsite, a youth hostel (sell sessions to fund your travel?), or think big, a 5-star international resort.

Juice Plus+ is available in 23 countries, Bemer in 42. We are healthily on the world stage with both.


The Last Word


A homage to the simple potato. Baked, air fried, broiled — our spuds are amazingly versatile!

Beme Me Up


Nutrition and microcirculation are pillars of our family’s healthy lifestyle Each supports the other. They are a daily part of our lives, which is why we are religious in sharing about them.


We need to eat healthy food. We also benefit greatly from enhancing the flow of the good food we eat through our circulatory system.


We have shared with you before about the Bemer, the first and only microcirculation device to receive FDA Class 2 (home-approved medical device) clearance. The Bemer has been in our home for daily use for over three years now.


Probably the best way to get a comprehensive understanding of how the Bemer works and its benefits to us is to view this new video. It’s a bit hefty at just under eight minutes. But it’s not technical and gets to the gist of what beming up can do for us.



Ask us about the newly announced lease-to-buy program, which allows you to experience the benefits of the device before making a full commitment to bring it into your life. There is also financing available.



FREE: Inspiration & Recipes


Many times inspiration is found in the most unlikely places. Our family is always inspired by the delectable recipes found in our Healthy Living Revolution Recipes! JP+ recently compiled four volumes of Revolution Recipes – download this free resource now and enjoy all of the recipes from volumes 5-8 in one scrumptious eCookbook!
This version contains healthy recipes from:


Vol. 5 – Complete Creations
Vol. 6 – Healthy Mocktails
Vol. 6 – Tower to Table
Vol. 7 – Warm & Healthy



Sample Recipe


This enticing photo of slow-cooker avocado white chili is one of the many tantalizing dishes in this volume. Click here for this recipe.



Chronic Health


In this article, Dr. David Katz eloquently details why our diet is more vital than ever. The sobering statistics he cites include: heart disease alone kills 650,000 Americans every year. That’s 1800 of us, every day. Poor diet alone stands out among the behavioral, root causes of premature death as the now undisputed number one cause of death, killing 500,000 of us prematurely every year.


And the good news: recently a committee of the American Heart Association recognized the significance of diet as a veritable vital sign, calling for its assessment with every patient. Changing our focus from avoidance of chronic disease conditions to maintaining “chronic health” may be our solution.



Beet’s Me



This new year certainly warrants ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points… enough said.



Friluftsliv – a new type of fruit?



Not a new fruit, but a philosophy of life. Friluftsliv is a commitment to getting the most out of outdoor moments, rain or shine — whether it’s long camping trips through the mountains or leisurely strolls on the beach with friends. This Scandinavian feel-good philosophy, along with fika paus, gokotta, hygge and lagom may help explain why Nordic people are so happy.


Despite their harsh winters, the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland continue to top the World Happiness Report — which surveys 156 countries by asking their citizens how happy they are — for several years in a row.


Fruits & Vegetables are trying to kill you!


What? We’ve been promoting eating more fruits and vegetables for years! Keep reading…


Fruits and vegetables are indeed healthful but not necessarily because they shield you from oxidative stress. In fact, they may improve health for quite the opposite reason: They stress you… eating food from plants that have struggled to survive toughens us up as well.




Bemering into the New Year


What It Is…

Where It All Happens in the United States…



Breathe the New Year In

Invite the new year in with this simple breathing practice. If it works for the stressful situations the Navy Seals encounter, it’s good enough for me!

How Box Breathing works:
  • Breathe in for four seconds.
  • Hold air in your lungs for four seconds.
  • Exhale for four seconds.
  • Hold your breath, lungs emptied, for four seconds.
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